Thursday, October 11, 2007

Icecream Curriculum

So we finished up our little "mezzuzah" boxes during the Diaspora and they turned out really cute. I'm new at this whole glue gun/crafty lady thing so I took each child individually into the kitchen to glue on their jewels and avoid any potential hot glue fatalities. (I've already been on the news this year)I enjoyed so much watching how differently each one of them crafted their box. Elijah 7, very planned out in advance, deep colors and straightforward design, symmetrical placing of the jewels, counted and figured out by color ahead of time, quietly telling me (while placing neat little dabs of glue) how much he looks forward to going shopping with me for his new Christmas tree ornament this December. (His way of saying I love spending time with you Mom.)
He looked and seemed just so BIG that day. :( My little Bubba...
And then there's Silas 6, (box on far left). Big messy globs of glue, totally designing on the fly, all about the experience, jabbering at painfully high decibals about how the glue doesn't hurt him cuz he's so tough and touching it to prove it, (his way of saying I love to impress you Mom) Totally unable to pace himself with the markers, glitter, jewels, glue.... symetrical, what?

The more kids I have, the more I realize how really unique God created all of us, and that He truly does want it that way! This seems like the obvious, until we catch ourselves worrying about what they're missing out on. Another one of the reasons we chose to home school is to be able to search 24/7 for the hearts, abilities, and desires of each of our children and not be hindered by the factory style of the public schools. As long as I can resist the temptation to just strive for "academic and socially balanced kids" or "being good enough" and the shake off the fear of them being a little weak in one area, I have the time and freedom to find their areas of expertise! I can help them hone in on their unique future high purpose and calling! My brilliant friend (Durenda!) used the term "Jack of all trades- master of none" when talking with me of forsaking their chance at mastering something for fear they won't measure up to all things.

Mothers, remember that your children were uniquely, wonderfully and fearfully made by their Creator. They're not supposed to be like anyone else's kids. Don't forsake their potential genius in the striving of not being "different". Different is what we want. Find out WHO they are and HOW THEY are going to glorify God and enjoy him forever! But do find them. Make sure you have their hearts.This is Hannah rockin the dish washin as usual. She is SOOOOO proud of herself.

I loved seeing good ole JimBob Duggar on the TODAY show responding to the old familiar (and often critical) question put to large families on how in the world we will ever give the children enough of our time. He so lovingly responded that since they home school their children, they quite possibly spend more time with their 17 kids than a family with one or two. Nicely put Jim Bob. Nicely put. And maybe even a little time left over to rant on the blog...
Ice cream Curriculum and a new Silas dance move...We just read that Marco Polo had his first ice cream in China and well, heck yeah...decided eating chocolate ice cream would be our "homework". But like their Wheeler Aunts and Uncles, the Kirkman kids inherited a terrible reaction to the stuff. It's not just your standard sugar rush either...
It starts out pretty harmless and funny, kinda like watching the muppets my Mom would say...
But then it hits the blood stream...
And uh....yeah....that's the look....You will see it evolve innocently enough. We certainly don't encourage vulgar dancing around here, but the puritans may have had it right about what rock and roll does to our children. And then hop them up on sugar...well... It started with dancing on the changing table (don't ask), and I guess when Silas saw Owen lay back for a diaper change he got the inspiration to create the new dance move "Baby Diaper Butt" out of what really is a glorious process you know, from the kid's point of view. So anyway all you mothers out there changing poopy dipes day in and day out, this one's for you...

And yes, we did discuss what is appropriate and inappropriate dancing.
And no, they do not know I have posted his inappropriate dancing. At least he was fully clothed?


jana said...

LOL!!! Ya gotta LOVE THAT dance! That was hilarious!
Actually in certain circles where dancing is not acceptable, that would be called "Creative Movement" and it was VERY creative indeed!

And....on to the rest of the post. I absolutely, totally and completely could not agree with you more! I think it's so ridiculous how people are trained BY their kids! It's so cut and dried, so simple. YOU, PARENTS, are responsible to set the boundaries, lay down the rules, enforce the law and love 'em like crazy! Our kids are very grateful and non picky eaters too. I don't understand doing things any other way.
I love that your single friend was brave enough to have you all over. That is so refreshing since in my experience, the singles tend to just wait for invitations and feel neglected when they don't get invited. They usually feel unaccepted because they don't really fit in with families and sometimes if they're past their twenties,they don't feel comfortable in singles circles either. They usually love to be around families and long to be invited by least this is what I've heard from many of them. I understand completely how they feel but It is wonderful to see someone reaching out in hospitality like he did, loving on and servng others without feeling self concious. Hooray for him!
I loved everything else you wrote about. Rich came and read your blog after me and was shaking his head yes,yes,yes!!!
Good for you. I LOVED your rant! Keep it up!:):)
Blessings and hugs,

Rose said...


That is too much for auntie! Thay are so amazing! Essie's got moves that go beyond the robot! Good stuff on the food conversation Liz!
I love cooking for your kids, I feel like the best cook in the world...and cooking is not a gift, they are just so kind.
Sweet little saint Hannah by the dishes, and Bub with his beautiful box...he does look big! Juliet is unbearably beatiful! I miss them! Maybe you could do a lesson that involves chai and I could be the guest that makes it with them! yeah! Okay, I miss the babies, call me when you have time for an auntie/uncle visit!
Auntie Rose