Monday, August 11, 2008

Treasure Maps

What could Silas have possibly done now that could evoke such a look from his Father? Well... he could design a really cool treasure hunt, hide the treasure in the van and then....
...scratch the actual map of the van...

into the side of the van!

(You'll see he even included the "X" marks the spot.)

He didn't do this maliciously at all. He designed this fun treasure hunt for all of us and assumed it would "wash off". Since it won't wash off, I guess I will be looking at it for many many years to come. Hopefully it will serve as another very good reminder, along with the huge hole cut into my couch, the huge bleach spot on the new carpet and all the various "artwork" showcased on the walls of our home, each serving as their own sort of treasure map if you will. The little treasure maps that keep pointing me towards the real "treasure".

As we strive to be good stewards with the material stuff God has entrusted us, there is this constant tension between stewarding and enjoying God's great blessings, while still keeping them all in an open hand and not allowing them to become the treasure of our hearts. All these temporary things we naturally strive to acquire and keep... nice homes and cars, clothes, money in the bank, strong healthy bodies, youthful attractive figures... Temporal. And more fleeting than we can imagine.

So it is actually kind of a blessing whenever I'm reminded that those are just temporal things that "moth and rust" can destroy, thieves can steal, and one very rascally kid will inevitably vandalize! The truth is that the real and eternally lasting treasures are the little vandals themselves... and in serving the great God who miraculously sends them my way.

...For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ~Matt. 6:21

So where is your treasure?

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I got a funny idea off my friend Christa's blog and had to post it. You should try this for a good laugh. You just google your first name and then "needs". I'm sitting here checking email on the PC waiting for my Mac to recharge so I can get back to recording and this gave me a good laugh. It's for REAL what I came up with...

Elizabeth "needs"...
1. Protection (hwwwaaaaaaa!!!!!!!)
2. A hero (I sure do. Thank God He gave me a superhero for my husband)
3. to stomp the Latin out. (Now this is my favorite and it's flippin hilarious since I have finally officially given up on the Greek and Latin that we aspired to for awhile in my homeschooling. Let's just say the word "stomp" nailed my feelings on it pretty well!)
4. Email support (That's why I signed on!)
5. a nuk (
6. to wear a second shoe (I actually did only have one slipper that I wore for several months. It was really pathetic and annoying.)
7. your prayers today (yeah. Come on people)
8. to heal (um...yes, but in a much funnier way than you might think.)
9. lovin (that's where Superhero comes in, baby...)
10. The Fashion Police (Oh Lord do I ever!!! Did my sisters RIG THIS ONE???)
11. advice (Yep!)
12. a new home (only when I have really bad PMS)
13. justice, dignity. (interesting)

Try it! It's funny!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Aquatic 2008

Our ever inspiring and dear friends TEAM TWEDT took us out on their boat for our third annual San Juan boat trip. As usual it was a total blast. Make sure your speakers are on because friends crazy enough to take seven kids (ten total), their gimpy father and their crazy redheaded mother out on their boat (and invite us back!) deserve nothing less than the Zissou soundtrack...
Leaving Anacortes at Sunrise - still in our jammies
Goodbye mundane
While steering... he scans the horizon for any spotted jaguar sharks...
Turtle has never been happier... or turtlier.
Sleepy heads still snuggling down beneath. Juliet has no idea what is right outside her window...

What the?!?!Breakfast underway always tastes better.Land HO!Our long awaited destination, always talked about, brimming with memories and treasures... little secluded-piece-of-paradise...

~Jones Island~

Juliet is waiting for her sea legs to change back into her land legs.

She was just a baby our last trip. We just sit here...And keep this handy dandy little babysitter device nearby...And they have total freedom...(Well, there's always zoom.)
My Happy Little Explorers...

Captain Tom is always up to something exciting! Always "tying strings".

A little Rain...

Never stopped us before!

~Pure, hot, Caffeinated Bliss~ I'm fairly certain that this is how coffee will look and smell and feel and taste in heaven.

Gimpy Daddy perked right up!BedheadStill haven't spotted that Jaguar Shark...Momma and The Littles go for a little hike up the island. Turtle thinks he runs so fast!
Not so much. (Juliet is walking, and gaining on him...)

Hannah LandTime to cast off and check out some other islands!Gemma takes the leap...

and had no idea how cold the ocean really was.

Tom and Becky, after all these years you still both inspire us. Thank you for loving us, and for being such an example of true hospitality. Your friendship, love and salsa have warmed more hearts than you'll probably ever know. Thank you! We love you!