Saturday, August 9, 2008


I got a funny idea off my friend Christa's blog and had to post it. You should try this for a good laugh. You just google your first name and then "needs". I'm sitting here checking email on the PC waiting for my Mac to recharge so I can get back to recording and this gave me a good laugh. It's for REAL what I came up with...

Elizabeth "needs"...
1. Protection (hwwwaaaaaaa!!!!!!!)
2. A hero (I sure do. Thank God He gave me a superhero for my husband)
3. to stomp the Latin out. (Now this is my favorite and it's flippin hilarious since I have finally officially given up on the Greek and Latin that we aspired to for awhile in my homeschooling. Let's just say the word "stomp" nailed my feelings on it pretty well!)
4. Email support (That's why I signed on!)
5. a nuk (
6. to wear a second shoe (I actually did only have one slipper that I wore for several months. It was really pathetic and annoying.)
7. your prayers today (yeah. Come on people)
8. to heal (um...yes, but in a much funnier way than you might think.)
9. lovin (that's where Superhero comes in, baby...)
10. The Fashion Police (Oh Lord do I ever!!! Did my sisters RIG THIS ONE???)
11. advice (Yep!)
12. a new home (only when I have really bad PMS)
13. justice, dignity. (interesting)

Try it! It's funny!


Lindsay L B said...

That is funny! Because I share a name with Hollywood bad girl Lindsay Lohan, my results were: Lindsay needs some food, a bra, love, a hug, a driver, and to learn to look both way before crossing the street :)

christa jean said...

Too funny!
But really, you don't need the Fashion Police! You are a Hip momma in my eyes! ;-D

DotBlogger said...

Isn't it fun!? I did it too.
I like your list better... :)

Mean Mommy said...

Will have to try it! Loved the "stomp the Latin out" reference- how ironic.

Mica said...

love this... and I had to follow suit with it... Mine was pretty fer real stuff man !!! You gotta go see what is going on with us... we may be leaving soon... so stay in contact Sista love... Me Mi Mo Ma

Smooch said...

mine was, needs to..

find herself a baller. (interesting...)

a road bike. (I think there is one in the shed)

Your help

A beautiful bunch of Sensation Lilacs

space (hallelujia!)