Thursday, October 9, 2008

You can take the girl outta the Valley...

...but you can't take the Valley outta the girl! This is a late post due to some super funky illness we've been battling but too fun not to post. Saturday before last we headed up north to my old stomping grounds for the Annual Skagit Valley Festival of Farms with our friends "The Burns-is". Chris and Jenni invited us over for dinner after all the farm festivities. How can you resist produce, hayrides through vineyards, pony rides, carmel apples, curly fries and hanging out with friends of such likeminded...humor.

I sure as heck can't. The curly fries, that is... I'm pretty convincing here, huh.

It's a good thing we stopped to see the cows with the best hairdos first because we got rained out before touring any other farms. A wicka wicka wee on the little pony...
He knows he's utterly studly here. uh huh...get it. Cuzza the cows...
Owen: Hiee Eamon! What you guys talkin about?
Eamon: We're just having a quick little huddle about parental control.
Owen: Oh! Can I join you! I have lots of good tips...
Owen: Okay so who are we aimin for here?

Eamon: Well I'm feeling like it might be kind of fun to get my Dad today.

Owen: Great! Well I highly recommend waiting right until the fries get here and then just scream bloody hell.

Eamon: Thanks buddy! That sounds like fun!

Owen: Yeah man, don't mention it. Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great.

These are my favorite kinds of pictures. They just really, really, utterly amuse me.

While we were waiting for curly fries Jenni and I met a gal who reads both of our blogs. How fun is that? (Hi Tina!)

And the best thing about going back to my Skagit Valley is bumping into old friends. I bumped into my old gradeschool/highschool buddy Eddy and his wonderful family!Turtle fell asleep on the hayride. I guess he didn't realize he was sitting next to Eddy's brother Danny Zucco.

Juju had a great day. Look at those chompers! When posing for the Kirkman/Blau photo we discover one is missing. Can anyone guess?SILAS!!!

Thanks Chris!
But we forgot to get a Kirkman/Burns shot! :( Next year!


Jenni said...

Hey, we had a really great time with you guys! So glad that you could come, even if it did rain :) Guenna was cracking me up on the way home from the McPherson's on Sunday, she kept saying, "Bye, Rowen!" I think she was combining two of her favorite buddies :)

We'll have to do that again, next time we will take a group shot! Love you Liz, see you Sunday!

The White House said...

Oh my! those are some chompers! Matthew is just hating that more teeth are coming in these days! Looks like JuJu's got her full set!

Wicka Wicka Weeee HULLARIOUS!

Wow! What a stormy day out there! EEKS!

Where ya finding good deals on cute boots these days?

Tiffany said...

I've been missing you:) Guess you've been busy being sick and tromping around the countryside!

Looks like you had a great time. Hope you are all well now. T~

DotBlogger said...

What a fun day!
Great pics.
Great commentary.

ari said...

Hi Liz! It's been forever, and I was so excited to see your family posted on Jenni's blog! It's been about 12 years since we met up at Dairy Queen with Jessimy. Remember? You have such a beautiful family! What a joy to read your blog and catch up on your life! This is the year to catch up with kindergarten buddies... I love it!

Ariana (Hollingsworth) Evans