Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For Veteran's Day...

We went to the Veteran's Parade in Arlington with our fun Kirkman cousins!
This is pretty much the red carpet for me. I would pass up Leonardo de Caprio and all his liberal friends any day to shake the hand of one of these men.
Unlike Leo, these guys aren't real sure about all the attention. They never did what they did for the politics or limelight and if you make the mistake (like I did) of calling one a hero he will quickly correct you and tell you that the real heroes are all their friends that never came home. But we know they are heroes too and we love them.
The kids thought it was so amazing to see real life heroes. I think they were kinda bummed when we piled back into the van without getting to shake any hands or tell them how thankful we are.So when we spotted these guys in the alley on our way out... we couldn't help but track them down! The cream of the crop no less!!!Three Veterans including WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War! (Silas was quick to proudly tell them that his own Papa Tim served in Vietnam.) I think he made a real connection.
Commander Bill Morse gave us his card and they offered to come over sometime and do a special home school day for the kids! Look at their faces. These are proud kids. This made their day!We watched them go and I wondered what mix of feelings they must have on days like these. I wonder if they really know what they mean to us, and how thankful we really are. I wonder if they know that they are still blessing us by their lives long after serving. Both those who died and those who fought and still live to shake hands of the younger generations and inspire them to greatness. I hope they know... ...that my little boy came home and got right to work on a hat and flag just like theirs and informed me that he now wants to be a "flying soldier"... Thank you Veterans.
We thank God for your service
and we rejoice in your life.

We salute YOU!


Christina Kirkman & Kirkman Cousins said...

Thank you so much Liz, for sharing this special day with us. It really did make our day. I am so blessed to have such a great example to follow, my dear Sister-In-Law. The blessed memories our children will have to look back on is truly a gift. Thanks again. We love all of you.
The Michael Kirkman's

Brenna said...

Love love love the photos, Liz. I salute you, too, Silas! We missed our parade today as Gracie is still getting over a cold. I so wanted to honor these men, the REAL heroes of democracy.

Our growing family said...

this is all so wonderful!!!
I love how your little Silas came home and made his own project. I pray that my kids will enjoy things like this from the benefit of homeschooling one day too!

bushbunny said...

I was very moved by your account of veterans day. I am a homeschooling mommy of 7 and a wife to a wonderful husband... But I am also a female, disabled army veteran. And when I saw your little boy with his beautiful hand made flag and hat, I cried and cried. God bless you for being a homeschooling momma in a world so hostile to those of us who choose this. You are a hero!

ari said...

Liz, I love that you took your kids to the parade and tracked down those guys. I too am so proud of our veterans, and am so thankful for their service and sacrifice. Thanks for being such a light to those guys and for giving us a glimpse into a tangible way to show our appreciation! That would be the coolest thing ever having a homeschooling day with that veteran! Love, Ari

Kathi said...

Hi Liz, You have not posted for awhile. I thought I'd stop in and say hello. I hope all is going well for you and your family. Kathi

Dawn said...

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your blog. I have enjoyed reading it! Blessings to you!

Heidi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristin said...

I periodically check in to see what is new with your family. I hope all is fine and you are just busy, but can't help but be worried with it being almost a year since the last blog post.

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