Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cannon Coveting

So it seems Best Buy doesn't cover camera bludgeonings by two year olds after all. They called and said it would cost $180 to fix that old piece of junk camera?! Yeah right.

(sigh) I guess I'll have to dig through the picture archives to commemorate the upcoming (and very sentimental) one year birth day of my little darling Juliet and her exciting arrival in the family van on I-5.

Hey...come to think of it... I had meant to bill her father for the delivery and it slipped my mind! Hmmm.... anyone know the going rate for a delivery these days? I want my camera and my paycheck! Aww...I know I know... now's the part where I shout "I want an Oompaloompa and I want it now!" and start turning blue and floating away...

Our pastor gave a really good sermon on coveting this Sunday. I just checked to see if it was available on the church webpage yet and discovered it is not. It's pretty bad when you begin coveting a sermon on coveting...

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