Monday, January 21, 2008

Parent Teacher Conferences

We were supposed to be "back to school" after the nice long holidays. (I like to stick more to the college schedules) ;)

Well... then last night I began coming down with some sort of achy, sneezy, stinging, watery-eyed malady and to make matters worse this morning none of the substitutes showed up for school---again! So I guess we're all taking a sick day. I felt really discouraged until I remembered it's Martin Luther King day and most kids are taking today off. (So that must be why no subs have shown)

In addition to that great news, I heard that some schools are having parent teacher conferences this Thursday and Friday! OOH heck yeah!

So now I just need to find a babysitter for all my little "students" because I could really use seven "conferences" with their father!!!!
uh heh heh heh....


FYI: my camera is getting repaired so hopefully I'll having something less annoying to blog soon. ;)

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