Thursday, April 17, 2008

In a Rut

rut- 1. a track worn by a wheel or by habitual passage of anything; a groove in which anything runs. 2. A routine method of action or procedure from which one is not easily stirred.

Yes. I would say I'm in a bit of a rut productively speaking. It's funny how quick that can happen. We've been off of our regular school & cleaning schedule for more than a few weeks for various reasons. I'm crashing down from my "baby high", (not to mention the chocolate lovers cake high) that I indulged in at last night's baby shower. ooh-eeh! The past several weeks have been a blur of visitors, business trips, surgeries, parties, anniversaries, Easter celebrations, sewing lessons, music lessons, teething toddlers, new babies, ear, eye and everything doctor and dental appointments... and add to that a really good excuse to put off the formal schooling--a broken copier. Since I tend to plan school by the week, when Monday and/or Tuesday goes awry I'm tempted to start over next Monday instead of re-writing the whole plan and make the best of Wednesday. Anyway, there's my list of excuses.

It's amazing how quickly habits can become formed--even when they were not meant to be formed. A couple trips off the beaten path soon...makes a path? A rut. The unscheduled nature of things around here has suddenly become the "track" on which the ole cart is now running and given the momentum of the cart, I'm gonna need a little (probably a lot) of extra muscle to lift it out. I feel...too lazy and unmotivated to do it. bluh. No...there is no inspiring motivational message to this post ladies and gentlement. Just "bluh"...I'm in a rut. Thought you should know.

For some reason my recent pictures won't upload so I can't illustrate the baby shower (or the train wreck of a day we had today) and... yes, I'm realizing I'm sitting here putting off the inevitable. I guess lifting the heavy proverbial cart out of the rut means first lifting my heavy non-proverbial butt out of this chair to tackle some good old fashion housekeeping.



christa jean said...

Well, at least you're all traveling the "rut" together! And I say, as long as you are loving life and learning to love each other (and you so obviously do!), that which may have the potential to discourage you can be turned into an adventure! Isn't that what homeschooling is so essentially about? Learning to live gracefully together through the ups and downs and blahs of life. That's not advice, I would never dare to give you such a thing! You are whom I can learn from...
By the way, YOU ROCK!
p.s. thanks for speaking your mind on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Well, did I help you out of your "rut" at all? I know what you need...a REFLECTOR VEST!!! Ta DAH:) It works wonders! I had so much fun staying over the other night and laughing while doing pilates (me...attempting) and watching "The Office". Oh, and Silas' little "advertisement" was priceless.

love you,

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I am printing some of this up and reading it to Darryl. I have had many suspicions of this subject...maybe call it the Holy Spirit.
Anyhow, my email has been on the fritz so I am attempting to retrieve everything sent over the last week. We will see if it works!
We still need a phone "date". I will be home tomorrow a.m. Then I am off to have lunch with my hubby at his new job!! Which he is liking, by the way.

Liz said...

Oh Christa, I hope you DO dare to give me advice! For as many things that I can teach you... you can teach me as well!

Iron always needs sharpening!