Saturday, July 12, 2008


How else did the cans get to the street?!
Surely my husband with the fractured foot wouldn't have? He was told not to put weight on his broken foot. Surely he couldn't have lugged 100 lbs. of garbage down this hill..... on crutches?!?!
But it would seem that he somehow did.
I think his words when interrogated were "What? I just used a crutch."
But I'm still trying to imagine how in the world he did it.....????? Hmmm....
Just when I think I've seen it all! This man inspires me! I would do him a great injustice at this point if I didn't take this opportunity to say what is really great about my husband. God's Word does not say it is muscles that move mountains (or hurkin garbage cans) but it is faith. Not just faith, because we all have faith in something. The kind of faith that moves mountains is the the kind that acknowledges the One who created the mountains as the object of the faith. The example of Jesus Christ, is where my Superhero gets his super. His is the kind of faith that would hold fast if God chose to break both his legs and whatever else because he knows it is an undeserved gift and he knows his God is good and works in very mysterious ways. He knows that his ability to work comes only from the God that puts breath in his lungs in the first place. In a world that looks pretty bleak at times, you can still easily find these guys if you know where to look. They are around and you will know them by their love. That verse about faith moving mountains goes on to say:

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.When love and strength run low like it does for all of us at times, the guys that amaze us are the ones who find their strength and example in the ultimate hero ~ Jesus. These are the ones that keep the world going round. The next generation is eagerly watching these men and learning that they are usually disguised as regular guys, while doing superhero things.

They're the ones weed-whacking and disguised in ridiculous looking plastic bags over their casted broken legs; very often disguised behind babies...
with hands that serve...smores...with obvious love in their eyes...with heads bowed in prayer as they seek wisdom and strength...
living out for us the very gospel of Christ in such colorful pictures day in and day out that we cannot see it and not be immensely blessed and changed by it.

We are.

Thanks guys. For being faithful. For loving long.

We are blessed.


Jenni said...

Thanks Liz, we are surrounded by a bunch of incredible men, aren't we?!

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

Wow Liz. I was going to say "sorry you guys have to go through this" but then I though, no, and it doesn't sound like you are sorry either... look at the beautiful tribute you would have missed... look at how strong he is despite his injury... look at how blessed you are to have a faithful community supporting you... look at the way your children TREASURE their daddy.

Praise God!

Anonymous said...


We DO know them by their LOVE ... that's how to pick out the one in a thousand. Albert really embodies and enfleshes the Gospel to me, he IS Christ's hands to me and Hope, I know just what you mean. We are so blessed.

I love your pictures of several one-in-a-thousands all hangin' together ... LOL and Albert did the same thing, taped a plastic baggie over his cut off finger and kept on truckin'!!! STILL finishing our home in record time!

-love, April (again :)

Marjie said...

And I bet Brian is still up early, grinding the coffee (uh hem ;-)...) and doing his normal tasks? I am so thankful for his example and the example of so many of the husbands and fathers we know--such a blessing these men!

And so...I should be looking for the "plastic baggie" when it comes to my "one in a thousand"? Ok, I'm writing this down...(adding it to my list...)

#346- Look for "baggie", not big muscles, as he may be a superhero in disguise.

Ok, got it. It's officially on the list...haha:)

Rene McPherson said...

BEAUTIFULY put dear friend!

christa jean said...

The good ones can't stay down for long, can they?! Your husband is definitely a servant!