Monday, July 7, 2008

This time it was NOT...a perfect Sunday

It was a pretty great one though until Superhero finally showed a human weakness and broke his foot. Actually, it was still pretty fun even with the broken foot! Thanks to our great ER escort Jack and his treasure trove of stories and jokes, we had our funnest ER experience yet! (Thanks McPs and Melody for watching all the littles.) I am really relishing in our church community these days!
Well...and then there's always Vicodin. But look at the man still hard at work! He's so dedicated.
This is him last night after the color came back to his face but before the ER. (Still a bit nauseous) He's hamming it up for the camera hardly out of shock.
I guess he heard it pop when he twisted it. Ughhh.... I had never seen a person's face get so white! Brian is such a strong and steady guy that it made the rest of us a bit nauseous seeing him go down! He's the type of guy that will tackle Costco with seven kids in tow and not even break a sweat. He's so strong and dependable that I've actually had dreams that my husband is actually is an undercover superhero. In times of certain disaster he just whips out his flying skills, Superman style and swoops in to rescue falling ladies and their babies and I'm like "Oh! Nice work hon! Well that's handy!" Napolean was right. It's all about skills.

So anyway, it is a bit of a shock to have him out of commission and I realize even more how much I depend on him and what a blessing he is.

What am I saying... out of commission? He was walking by just now on his cruches when he heard this Soggy Bottom Boy song and started dancing and stomping his crutches. Maybe I should have warned them back at the ER about mixing Superheroes and Vicodin???


Tiffany said...

Oh no Liz! I am sorry. Poor Brian. I pray it heals quickly and w/o any complications. It is so wonderful that you are still so obviously in love, especially after 7 kidlets:)

If gas prices weren't so durn high, I'd be thinking right about now about bringing you all a feast!

Blessings to you as you get through the next few weeks. T~

Rachel L. Burke said...

Hard to see Brian in pain like that. :( And I love picturing him in Costco with the kids with that grin on his face. He really is something else. This might end up being the most rest he's ever had! Spoil him rotten Liz! Get better soon Brian.

Kristin said...

Oh no! I am so sorry! Let us know if there's anything we can do!

Modern June31 said...

Poor guy. I hope that his foot heals quickly.

Marjie said...

Man, I just missed all the action...

Yeah, I'm with Rachel...spoil him rotten! This will be a vacation for him:) But you is the time to bring anything up you want to talk about cuz he can't run away...I mean he's at your disposal in that respect:)

Awww, but I hope it heals quickly!!!!