Thursday, September 4, 2008

Too Impressed to be Mad

So a couple days ago my kid comes walking in with his homemade fishing pole and whistling... because I'm guessing he must be in his Huck Finn character, stops right in front of me and says:
"Hey, check me and my fishin pole out, Mom."

I immediately notice that his reel is actually one of our spinning hot tub jets that has apparently been removed from the hot tub and rigged to another one of his contraptions. And...what the heck? It really reels!
See really... I could be mad. (Maybe I should?) But I am really just too impressed. The kid has never been fishing except for briefly on our recent boat trip where he must've studied the beauty of the fishing pole. If you can see, he used the following materials:
1 sturdy piece of kindling
1 Target pants hanger
(no doubt with the actual pants somewhere upstairs lying on the floor)
1 Hot Tub Jet
(as is typical with this son of mine, the most maddening is also the most genius part)
1 piece of thread
1 safety pin to anchor thread to the tip of the pole
1 bead (I'm guessing for asthetics because he noted similar objects when inspecting a real pole)
1 weight (um...a nut from Daddy's tool drawer)
1 toy fish tied to the end

1 brother to play Tom Sawyer and sit and keep you company while you "fish"I guess you could say I'm just reely, reely too impressed to be mad. ;)

While I was publishing this...
The son I was not mad at, just came over to my desk, munching on an apple and out of the blue said:
"Mom? You should try to go on that one show on TV where those um, people...they run up big mountains and win prizes and thtuff."

I began to get this uneasy feeling while asking"Really? Which one is that?"

"You know... the one know....not very thkinny people?"
(he's doing this really fake-polite, teeth clenched with raised eyebrows smile now and I can see little bits of apple in his teeth and spittle on his lips)

"Um, so do you mean The Biggest Loser?"

"Yeah!!! That one! With all the f.. people who need to be skinny! That way you could get...y'know...thkinny... and win usth a lotta money too."
Okay. Now I'm mad! Get out of here you little JERK! --Before I break that fishin pole over your thick SKULL!!!! (just kidding. I would never...break that fishing pole.)


DotBlogger said...

I am cracking up!!!!

First, though, i had to pick my jaw up off the floor regarding that fishing pole!

Cute Stinkin' kids.

Jenni said...

Oh my word, the kids has many talents, one of which is not a gift with words! Sorry Liz, I think he was focusing on the "lots of money" not the thkinny though :)

Krissy said...

Just took a few minutes to catch up on your blog. You have had a busy summer and those kids certainly are creative and good at keeping you on your toes. Look forward to being close again to hopefully stop in a bit and visit :)

ModernJune31 said...

Your kids are hilarious! And talented. Wow! Spiderman and an inventor both living in the same house. You're lucky! ; )