Monday, November 3, 2008

Answering to God for YOUR stroke of the pen

I have very great peace and confidence that the outcome of tomorrow's vote will be right in God's plan no matter who gets elected. It is in His hands. My hope is not in any man but in God who "directs the hearts of Kings".

And yet, with that said, I have a lot of very strong feelings regarding the actions of my fellow Christians. I have been completely shocked this election, (so utterly shocked) to hear of professing Christians unwilling to vote on behalf of tiny, innocent, unborn babies who do not get to vote. Professing Christians who think that there are greater issues than the life of a little baby?

I meant to blog about this many, many weeks ago. I started, ranted, deleted. Many times. But... what in the world do I say to a Christian who will not vote to protect the life of millions of unborn babies???? For (what?) their wallet? What in the world do I say?

I can only guess that these people must be so very, very far removed that they think that they will not themselves be judged for their part in it and that their vote doesn't really impact that world of the unborn? That somehow... it filters down, gets dilluted and in the end, Obama, the doctor performing the abortion, or the mother will bear the final responsibility for the life of the innocent. I'm guessing....(trying so hard to give them the benefit of the doubt here)... that they must not know that it is our job? As Christians? That God will not start by judging Obama or the poor lost, deceived and exploited woman seeking the abortion but that He will hold responsible those of us who know better?

Maybe they've never seen one of these tiny beautiful silhouettes twirling and kicking on an ultrasound machine... the little four chambered heart just beating away?

I'll never forget the first ultrasound I saw. I was a very little girl and it was my first magical peek at my wonderful, beautiful, dancing little sister... Rose. I had a glimpse that many never get, through my Mom's tummy, into the unseen world of the innocent, unborn people. Real people.

When we vote for a person that we know will vote for the murdering of these innocent little people... what neurons in the brain are misfiring...? What sinful justifications and numbing of the conscience has brought us to a place where we think for one moment that we ourselves will not stand before an Almighty God, the One who "knits them together in their mothers' wombs" and have to answer for the deadly stroke of our pen? Not just Obama's pen. But our pen.

I guess the reality of this personal responsibility really sunk in while I actually picked up my pen to draw that line in ink from one end of an arrow, to another. I realized in a brand new way that I was, in fact, writing in ink, a line representing life, or death and it hit me that I will answer to God someday for that line.

And with a very, very sick, sinking feeling... I thought of all the professing Christians I know of who know better, and who will have to answer for their part too.

It's an easy vote, Christians. We vote for LIFE. We imitate Christ who laid down His own life, so we might live. Before we had a vote, He voted for us. In obedience to the will of the Father, He voted for us. So we imitate Him, walk by faith, in obedience, knowing that our Father can raise the state of this nation's economy just as easy as He raised Christ. He is a God of miracles and redemption. So we lay down whatever we have to....

....... to vote for those babies.

I shall wash my hands in innocence,
And I will go about Thine altar, O LORD,
That I may proclaim with a voice of Thanksgiving,
And declare all Thy miracles.

Psalm 26: 6 & 7


Tiffany said...

Well said Liz. Good words. If Obama gets in it will mean years and years of setbacks for life if he does what he says he will do. Just sickening.

Rachel L. Burke said...

Thank you!!!! Well said. I read it while holding Theodore and had to hold back the tears. I just pray God will change Obama's heart on the issue.

Celestial Freak said...

Yes! Wonderfully written! I've been struggling too with how can other Christians be OK with this! It just goes against so much of what our faith calls us to action for!

Thank you for this post. I've been hoping to write something, but failing because of passion too. My dear hubby Kevin's heard a great deal about this topic from me in recent months.

I keep praying that no matter who gets in, that God will be able to use them, and the people around them to do HIS will. We like to focus as a nation on one person at the top, but we do have checks and balances in this nation. (debatable, sometimes I know, but that's a different topic.)

I do hope enough people stand up for human rights, I know a lot of people don't understand, and I think your stories about ultrasounds is something a lot of people miss. It's amazing how quickly you can look at a human embryo and have no doubt it's human! The beginning stages of life are so completely amazing!

It takes true faith and conviction to write a post like you have, I hope more people read it and see it for the truth it is.

I'm also proud to call you a friend, and sister in Christ.

Dana said...

Crystal sent me to you page and this was so well written!!! Thank you for posting this!!

Blessed Mama of 4 said...

Amidst the political chaos, I received several calls from Planned Parenthood, and even just hearing them talking about how these candidates " want to take away a woman's right to choose" made me ill. For the children were not even considered. What has become of our nation that such talk is acceptable!?

I think your words came out perfect and in perfect timing. Not only are we to vote, but we are to pray. Petition for God's will to be done. Thank you for the inspiration which I will take into serious prayer over the next 24 hours, and we have to continue to pray for who ever it is to become our nation's leader. God bless him and God bless America. (I know it sounds cliche, but I do want His blessing on our nation).

Rose said...

Thanks Liz, I agree and have been moved to tears and anger throughout this whole season as I've seen how the christian community is responding in this election.

What is motivatiing the hearts of Gods people? I pray that God reveals that to us all. And that there would be conversations about it long after this election.

If all of life is worship, how does it look at the poll? How did that look as you voted?

What things have we put our trust in?

I'm glad you got to see me on the ultra sound too :*)

-Auntie Rose

Rose said...

p.s. "you" as in everyone...

Millie, Jake, Caroline and Clayton said...

Amen. I just pray hearts will be softened and changed. And you are right, God is in charge. It is just so hard to see so many people exercise their agency the wrong way. It is so comforting to me to run across people like you who have such a strong conviction and testimony of Christ and share it daily. Thank you. I ran across you while blog hopping, and will probably be back!

nanatrish said...

Brenna sent me over and this was a very thoughtful read. I totally agree with you. My husband and I have been amazed at people that call themselves Christians yet could vote for someone so vocal about approving of abortion. Yes, all we can do is pray for Obama that the Lord will change his heart and he will have his eyes opened. Jesus is still on the throne!

DotBlogger said...

The election is over and I'm late in commenting, but I just wanted you to know that this was wonderfully written.
Thank you.

The VanderVeens said...

thanks speak on behlaf of may aching hearts of Christians who truly value life. I think the bottom line is selfishness. Christians are not thinking about their childrens children here...they are thinking about what makes a more "comfortable" tomorrow. So in the mean time we pray and pray hard that our babies will be saved.

Sarah Brill said...

Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog many months ago in the final month of my pregnancy with my sweet little son.I have so enjoyed reading all your thoughts and ponderings.

I have always been extremely prolife because I strongly believe we are all made in the image of God with worth, prupose, and value. Francis Schaeffer speaks alot on this. I too have struggled these last months with how so many of my Christian brothers and sisters don't see this as the issue. I think so many were caught up in "making history".

I'm not used to being any kind of activist but there is a website, I believe it is where one can sign a petition against the Freedom of Choice Act Obama has promised to sign as soon as he gets into office. I believe we should most definitely be praying for all our leaders and to remember always that God is sovereign, but acting out in any way we can and which the lord has called us to protect and care for the orphan and the widow is important as well.

Thank you so much for your words. I feel sometimes its just my husband and I who feel strongly about this issue and that everyone around us has dulled their conscience to what really is a silent holocaust. It's relieving to know there are others who feel the same.