Monday, December 3, 2007

Sugar Plum Babies & Snowy Fun

Sugar Plum Babies...
You've never really known sticky until you've had two babies rolling around your kitchen in sugar and drool for un-known lengths of time.
He was actually spooning it onto her head. She was like a frosty little fairy!
She totally knew this was not an authorized food. The reason I discovered them was because the smacking sounds coming out of the kitchen were so noisy.
And sometimes I think they make messes because the baths are equally as fun as the messes themselves!
SHEER MISCHIEF!!!Snuggling with big sisters after baths and new clean jammies. (Owen's crashing down from Sugar Mountain)Snowy Winter Days & One Crappy Camera!
Yeah, I realize none of my pictures are in focus anymore. My camera is pretty much toast. It won't focus anymore and only holds a charge for approximately 8 or so pictures... I'm struggling to come to terms with it.Scrounging up snow clothes for the growing kids always proves to be exciting.Decorating the Christmas Tree...

These fake trees are extremely underrated. We got that sucker up in just minutes...stood back and said "yup, it looks straight!" We looked at each other like ...Why did we not do that sooner?Somewhere along the line, I was totally and completely seduced by this kid. I usually tend to despise little cartoon character, trendy-ish, over marketed stuff and would never think of allowing it on my tree. But... who could say no to that face? to break it to him that he needs to release it to the tree...hmmm...?He's still in utter disbelief that Mom caved. He is officially obsessed.We listened to Christmas music and drank peppermint hot chocolate while decorating the tree. Essie was still not feeling well and cuddled up on the couch with her barf bowl enjoying the moment when I heard her shout "No Owen--not da boff bowl!" I turned just in time to see him retrieving back his lost candy cane out of the barf bowl. It had sunk to the bottom of his cup...until he cleverly dumped it in the big convenient bowl sitting right there handy and was able to get it back! How convenient! Hey, it coulda been worse I guess... it could've been toilet water. (snicker snicker...) kids would never do that! ;)And yes, he was barfing the next day.

Somebody licked Owen's cup clean!Owen tried desperately to convince Gemma to refill his cup. It was a desperate speech...Juliet hangs her first ornament...Eli picked out these little ice skate booties for her. He said "Oh Mom, let's get these. I'll look at these every year and always just picture our little baby Juliet perfectly in my memory." And uh....who could say "no" to that kid either???Essie felt good enough to hang her new mailbox ornament...

Eli's ornament: He always has REALLY good taste.
Gemma's angel
Utter bliss...Hannah's bird...And the finished product.
Prayer Request: Please say a prayer for my Uncle Ken who had a heart attack today, as well as for peace for my Dad who is very worried about his brother. Thank you.

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Brian said...

So Glad you all are delighting in Christmas again...great music on your blog Liz and great blog...Was wondering if you could pass this message on to your hubby:
Howdy bro, It's been a while since we've chatted. I just wanted to let you know that though we don't talk much these days I do think about you often brother. I know that deep down inside you would love to be in the pastorate as would I...and I know you recognize that God is using you greatly where you are, but I wanted you to know how much God has used you for lunkheads such as myself. Everyday I pray that God would make me a Brian Kirkman to my wife and boys -that he would make me the perpetual sabbath to my family that you are to yours. Thanks for being God's man, for being faithful when nobody is looking, and for always going to the cross for your beautiful wife and children. I love you with the affection of Christ,
Your bro,