Wednesday, February 20, 2008

To Pee or not to Pee... THAT, is the Question!

Yes. With nine children underfoot... turning your back for even a moment to pee can be a risky thing. We had two extra students join us today as we continued through the Elizabethan Era and learned about Shakespeare! Our two extras blended in just wonderfully and we are looking forward to tomorrow!

Keeghan is only a few days older than our Silas, and Abby is only a few months older than our Essie. Their little brother Ronan is only a week or so older than our Owen so we have great fun and great memories with our friends! Essie and Abby are SO cute together! I have never known two such articulate little girls!
When I titled this post "To Pee or not to pee", I was thinking of this walk and how little ones instinctively have to pee once you have just bundled them up and left the comforts of toilets and tissue far, far behind...
We met a new neighbor and her beautiful horse named Quincy.
He was really showing off for the kids.
Owen and Juliet had never seen a REAL BIG HORSIE so up close and personal! WOW! And the answer to the question soon turned out to be.... PEE! Find a bush and pee for heaven's sake!
We learned about some crazy Renaissance Cures like leeches and molasses covered spiders. We experimented (right before nap, mind you!) with one recipe ~
~Lettuce tea to make you Sleepy~ the camera out of focus...or is this tea working???
Keeghan's tea worked so well he passed out he said!The Mind is a powerful thing mothers. Never underestimate it... Essie and Abby had a little rest time and laid down with Momma while I read my Stepping Heavenward book by Elisabeth Prentiss which I highly recommend!
Aren't they precious? We didn't expect Abby to really crash but she sure did! Essie is faking it for the picture...
And after resting for a good 45 minutes we decided to surprise Abby with some cookies!
This girl's face melts my Mommy heart...
Gemma practicing her violin...
My little Juliet is turning into such a HAM! I should have known it when she cut those teeth looking way too much like big brother Silas!RASCAL BABY!!!
Me and Turtle playing around with the self portrait setting. I LOVE MY KIDS....

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