Saturday, March 15, 2008

Look what I found!

While digging through boxes for spring clothes, I found this old costume in the 2T box!!! We used to think it a frog, or a dinosaur... but on this particular 2 year old it is looking rather...

Never Bored
Years ago, I remember jokingly answering a particular "bored" child by saying "Oh dear, only dumb kids get bored." Now... let me just clarify that as a rule of thumb in parenting I certainly don't encourage name calling but I kind of just blurted it out and remember following it up with an explanation of my strong opinions on the idea of boredom and some good life perspective. I have to say though, it was very effective. As a result, being "bored" is unknown in these parts. It probably also has something to do with the fact that (in these parts), when you are seen lulling around, you usually get given a job. :)

So when Brian and I told all seven kids to wait in our small bathroom while we hid the resurrection eggs for their little hunt, I was only a little alarmed to hear blood chilling screams and soon found the not-bored children all somehow piled on the toilet playing splash mountain. I may be partial here but, I think they play it pretty convincingly...

Resurrection EGGS~ A fun way to learn the Easter Story (and might I add, something I would have seriously frowned upon a couple years ago.) From twelve days before Resurrection Sunday, we've done a little egg hunt in the house before Family worship. In each egg is hidden a couple jelly beans or m&ms. In one special egg is hidden a symbol that illustrates the part of the story we are reading that night.

So great to have my wonderful man home again.

What would you do...?
Our kids constantly ask us what we would do in the most outlandish imagined situations. It can get quite exhausting because they are truly expecting a detailed description of what we would do if "an orca whale swimmed into the kitchen right now" or if "Attila the Hun rided into the yard with raw meat sticked under his saddle" I mean...really, these kinds of questions are coming from a sincere curiosity and desire to understand this big interesting world, and thoughtful responses.... take some thought!

So I ask you... how would you answer the following question. Silas picked this particular hat right out of the pile at Target, put it on, put on this face to go with it and asked:

"Hey Mom. What would you do if I turned up to be one of these boys?"Hmmm....what would I do? is this a challenge???Trying on hats for fun at Target...

This was the best I could do.

Escape!!! While busy not being bored, Juliet likes to pull up heater vents and try to escape. She REALLY REALLY wants to know what's down there...
Juliet usually won't wear hats but when I tried this little $2 clearance bonnett on her just for fun, she fell in LOVE with it and didn't take it off all day!


Anonymous said...

Awww, I looooove little Turtle:) Cute pics! Abd I'm not worried that my "sweetheart" is going to be a gansta' when he grows up. At least he'll be sweet and know how to treat his lady :)


Mica Garbarino said...

sweet turtle love !!! I wish I could have ridin the toilet too !!! That looks like splashy fun !!! Hope you are having a good week !!! Did ya figure out the computer thing. Hay Love ya too !!