Monday, September 15, 2008

No Ordinary Grandpa

My Dad, who we affectionately call Papa Wheely, (and who we also acknowledge as the source of the inventor genes), was apparently reading my blog the other day! He was so impressed with Silas' homemade fishing pole...that he brought him a real one rigged with little magnets and with little magnetic fish to "catch" until we get a chance to do the real thing! He has always been inventing such fun things. But this isn't actually the reason for the title of my post. In fact, it is probably worth mentioning that most "ordinary Grandpas" do not try to go sky diving either! (DAD! Really! At your age!!!) But that is still not the reason for his very, very un-ordinariness.

You see, for all these years, we've felt it best that we just keep Papa Wheely unaware of what a famous Grandpa he is. We feared he quite possibly could abuse the celebrity of it all, and as most of you know, superheros usually keep their identities hidden from close family members for safety reasons. (Like so they don't get kidnapped in the night by green goblins and such.) So for his own safety, we've just played it pretty normal up til now. So all this time, he's been going by the title Papa Wheely and having no clue how famous he is.
But going under cover for that long can be a lot more pressure than most ordinary people realize. So when Spiderman overheard Grandpa talking about his near skydiving adventure and realized that Papa Wheely likes to live on the edge... well, what the heck. Sometimes you just gotta blow cover. So... just out of the blue, while Papa was sitting in the rocker, getting a hug from little grandbaby Juliet...
Spiderman just shows up.
Papa couldn't believe the stunts he was seeing right there in our living room.

He had thought Spiderman was a New Yorker.

And when Spiderman actually sat down for a few moments to chat with Papa Wheely...

He was pretty starstruck! But then...he started to recognize the charming, funny little voice coming through that mask...You can imagine Grandpa's surprise! When Spiderman revealed his true identity, Papa shouted out: "I'm Spiderman's GRANDPA?!?!?!" A lot of things make sense now. (uh trying to go sky diving at 63!)"Bye bye Papa Wheely,
Thanks for the fun visit...

We love you!!!"


Our growing family said...

Hi Liz,
thank I haven't done any bands, but we have joked before that I sometimes do a "band" pose everyonce in awhile in a photoshoot!
I love this spiderman post! such fun!
have a great day with your little blessings!

Anonymous said...

oh Liz! i loved this! how beautiful for your dad!

oh and btw ... Hope's REALLY in love with Eli now ... ack and she's a redhead like MJ!!!!!!!!!

ModernJune31 said...

This is by far the best "photo story" that I have ever seen. All of the pictures are awesome. You are such a fun mom!