Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Of Boys and Playgrounds

Over the years, I have learned by observation that little boys have a different way of meeting other little boys than (for instance) little girls do. One thing I've noticed is that a seemingly essential part of the meet & greet process right off the bat, is to throw out all their important "stats" and basically do a bit of friendly bragging and comparing before they commence to the shuffling, scuffling, wrestling part of the friendship. This all seems very important so I try not to interfere if I don't have to, but I do try to... overhear.

Some boys are more prone to exaggerating and embellishing than others. It can be pretty comical when they do because another thing I've noticed about young boys is that they tend to be horrible liars.

My son Elijah however, has never been much of a bragger and is pretty darn truthful on the whole. He tends to hate the spotlight or undue attention. (Funny how different brothers can be?!) This is why the following conversation was particularly amusing to me as I overheard my son Elijah during a recent "meet & greet" process with another little boy his age on the playground.
Elijah: "I have a spiderman suit. It would go pretty good up here."
Playground boy: "Well I had a Spiderman suit too but I got rid of it and now I have a black ninja suit that I'm wearing for Halloween."
Elijah: "Oh."
Playground boy: "Black ninjas seem cooler this year."
Elijah: "Oh. ...I climb up on roof tops in my spiderman suit."
Playground boy: (incredulous) "....On what roofs?"
Elijah: "Well, mostly the pool house roof... and the shed roof."
Playground boy: "Huh-uh-uuh."
Elijah: (calmly and humbly) "Yeeeah, I do. My mom lets me. And then she lets me jump off."
Playground boy: (long pause..............) "Your Mom wouldn't let you do that."
(At this point "Mom" is hiding behind the bush, feeling a little bit like a reckless excuse for a mother as I wait and wonder what my son's answer will be)
Elijah: (grinning) "Yeah well she's pretty crazy about her blog sometimes."

Playground boy: (just stares very confused at my son.)

Elijah: "And she likes to take pictures all the time."

(I hastily stuff my camera in my pocket)

Playground boy continues to stare at Eli and realizes that he seems to be stating facts and does not seem to be lying or bragging.

Playground Boy: "Anyway... yeah, I don't know why I ever got rid of that Spiderman suit. I think I'll probably be Spiderman again next Halloween."

Elijah: "Oh. Cool. So did you see Spiderman 3... ?"

At this point the "meet & greet" was magically commenced, the friendship was apparently official and the two boys happily start scuffling and shuffling around the playset together demonstrating all their coolest spiderman/ninja stunts.
Boys. Mysteries.
Mothers: Perhaps the moral of this story is that if you let your sons do crazy stuff, then they won't have to make up crazy stuff to brag about on the playground. Perhaps I am just crazy and finding a moral to back up my antics.
But lest you think I am actually a reckless mother, here is a "behind the scenes" shot of Spiderman's sister checking his landing area for any sharp objects during his big photo shoot. See, we take proper precautions. Look how patiently Spiderman waits for his spot check.



Our growing family said...

that is so funny!!!
I take more pictures of everyday stuff just for my blog too!!! =)
I love to hear how boys meet each other...once my son just said in a deep manly voice, "I'm big."

christa jean said...

You are hilarious as usual and I love your sassiness!

The White House said...

I got a new name for him... Spidejah or how bout Elider or SPIJAHHHH MAN!!!! What do you think of that Elijah?


Your mom's crazy blogging friend; Amy -- who got her started with all this non-sense!

The VanderVeens said...

Liz I love the moral to your spiderman story! Really good stuff! And wonderful things to remember when you are a mother...especially of boys!

ModernJune31 said...

Hahaha, that's so funny! I love having boys. I am seeing more and more just how different boys and girls are.