Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Road Trip Photos...

This was Juliet while helping me pack (well...she was actually terrorizing and unpacking all my hard work...but isn't she cute?)

ON THE ROAD! ~Denny's in our PJs!
A road trip just isn't a road trip to our kids without stopping in the morning at Denny's after driving through the night. And folks, if you're not aware of this, the right way to do this is to wear your jammies in, order hot cocoa with whip cream...and then...drink it through a straw.
This is a brand new (but very yummy) tradition for BABY GANG. I can't believe we have three more kids since our last trip!
Clearlake in Nice, California

I love those little silhouettes

Friends we made...We were befriended by another large family also on vacation. They have eight kids ages 14 and up! Apparently the older boys just recently finished building the Mom her dream house. Now that...I like! Below are the lovely 16 year old twins Victoria and Veronica who were so much fun. What a rarity these days to meet teenagers who just love playing with little ones on their vacation. What a timely encouragement for this Mommy to get a glimpse of the future and see families who love families! The teenage boys taught our boys some football tricks and the girls played baseball. They couldn't get enough of throwing little Kirkman people in the pool, bought them icecream cups and sent us off with yarn to crochet with, posters to color, and the conviction that teenagers are really nice! What a refreshing joy and blessing to kick off our school year with. Thanks Williams Family! We love ya! Gemma and Hannah just can't stop talking about "Vic and Ver".

Lookout Hannah...she looks dangerous!Silas!!! Her father's gonna ring your little NECK!Kirkman kids got schooled.

AND...HUNTINGTON BEACH HERE WE COME! Cheese... Mom? I know you love takin pictures of me an all...but I was just wondering...
Mother! A kid's gotta EAT! Put the camera down! (She really does say "cheese" for the camera though!)

Little chubby Owen feet

Owen didn't know HOW IN THE WORLD Gramma got way over there to Anaheim...but he let her know he was VERRRRRRY HAPPY ABOUT IT!Owen gets a Physics LessonBig things don't fit through littler spaces. See now he could've learned that in school at some point...but I think he'll remember this better...

Coming soon on To Train up a Mother...

More Vacation photos and The battle between Silas Kirkman and his new birthday Heelies from Gramma Terry. You won't want to miss this folks! For all his charisma, this kid just can't hack the heelies. And I fear he may die trying.


Joyce said...

It looks like the Kirkman's had a wonderful, awesome, fun, memorable and fantastic time! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures!

jana said...

What fun pictures!It looks like your family had a GREAT time and how cool that you met such a wonderful family with wholesome and well mannered teens. That truly is UNUSUAL in today's society, isn't it?

I loved viewing all of your pictures. Thanks for taking the time to share them with all of us.

I'm (prayerfully praying that you'll be able to join us on in on my knees begging God to send you our way)hmmm, hmmm......excited about the possibility of seeing you in person in a couple of days. If it doesn't work out, we'll just have to plan something else.

Hugs and blessings!