Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We made it!!!

Only a little worse for wear! This is Brian and I on the second or third night riding the shuttle home from Disneyland. For those of you who are always asking how we do it? Again I say, have a sense of humor. self.This is a rare photo of the whole group! Gramma Carolann flew down and met us for three Disney days! (Thanks again Gramma! Have you recovered?)
Here she is with the kids getting ready for the 3-D "A Bug's Life" show!
Mom and I had some good laughs taking pictures of me post Disney.I think this was after Day #3. Uh buh buh buh....Oh the tragedy of this picture. Poor Daddy forked out money for all these hat souveniers. Anyone wanna take a gamble at how many of them actually made it home as souvenirs? Come on--test your knowledge of the Kirkman kids and leave a many hats made it home?

Here is my sweet Owen on his 2nd birthday. And what a birthday it was!

Mommy and Owen riding Dumbo--weeee!
Icecream from Gramma!
Brian was holding Juliet and she was looking down at me (and my icecream) soooo longingly... Soooo.....
We gave her just a little taste.


One highlight of the trip was when the three big kids got randomly selected for Jedi Training. It was great and all until all hell broke loose and all the forces of the Dark side invaded. My little Jedi babies had to fight! I thought poor ole Gramma was gonna have a heart attack! But the kids made me proud.

Etched in my memory forever is the image of Hannah's face when Darth Vader rose up out of the ground on his terrifying platform, smoke billowing everywhere and his voice over the loud speakers. Of course the JEDI trainers were all in a panic and needing the youngsters help--and the looks on those kids faces... After the initial shock, I watched Hannah as that smile spread slowly and surely across her little countenance. The panic attack she had experienced while climbing the ascent to Splash mountain the day before was nowhere to be found!

Darth Vader had a fight on his hands boy!

And let me tell was freaky stuff.

My kids have only seen the old Star Wars and we realized (when Silas started emulating Jabba) that we needed to be more careful even with the old movies. So when Darth-what's-his-face jumped out from behind Darth Vader in his plume of smoke...they definitely did a double take and had to remind themselves there was some silly guy in a suit.

In fact, they fought so bravely that the bad guys tried to actually recruit them to the dark side. But they all stood firm and earned their JEDI certificates. What a fun memory! I was relieved that they didn't made the kids pledge their allegiance to the force or anything....because little Miss Hannah would've needed clarification and the whole show would've come to a screeching halt. She had already watched Merlin's act with a verrrry skeptical eye. One of the most valuable things about keeping my little lambs at home is how much they all love each other. I rarely make them pose. They are always stuck together like glue and keeping me running for my camera...
Bosom Friends Reunite!
Heidi was Diana (and now she has the hair!) and I was of course...the ruffian Anne Shirley. Amazing with bosom friends how you can pick up right where you left off--even after two or three decades! We were best buds back in junior high and have managed to get back in touch over email the last couple years. So I couldn't go to L.A. without seeing Heidi!Bosom friend meets my bosom babies!As of December 2006 Heidi Logsdon is now Heidi Robb! I was sad to have to miss her beautiful wedding to her wonderful husband Dan. At the time I didn't think it was wise to fly that close to my due date. Hmmmmm......Now wouldn't that have been somethin!This is Heidi and Hannah on Autopia riiiiight before Essie rear ended them. There's a REASON four year olds don't get to drive! I saw them coming whipping around the corner, Gemma with the pedal to the medal...Essie workin the steering wheel...and neither one of them watching the road!!!

"Ooooops... Sorry Hannah! My bad!"

And the only thing scarier than riding with a four year old riding with a two year old driver!!!!

I think this was the highlight of Owen's life because nothing is more fun than a steering wheel...and making Momma screeech!

Whoa--I'm really doin it!!!

Owen at the Wheel!!!

But the happiest place on earth is still just right next to my man...

Thankyou my dear husband for your hard work and incredible generosity.

Outta time--all for now!


Anonymous said...


What an awesome summary of your trip. Thanks for sharing your precious family with all of us!!


Jeffry & Amy said...

What a great story teller you are my friend. i loved the crazy mom face when you were riding in the car with owen. i can't wait to take matthew on autopia someday! welcome home, and I'm going to go with the guess of all 7 hats making it home with you. Am i correct?

Mica Garbarino said...

Dear Lizzy McKirkman,

Whats going on??? So glad you had a blast in my old stompping grounds. You made it through barely. I love the pic. of you and the wine...funny!!! I almost peed. Hey we miss you and must get some Kirmans in. So hey....lets get together. You didn't forget us did you???

Luvvin ya,


Rene' McPherson said...

Very inspiring and delightful!!! Pics, video the whole lot of it. I guess three, but i'm not giving names lol. So happy you're home with such wonderful memories! I deffinitely second the peeing for the wino pic (giggle). Loves and Hugs from The Clan

Anonymous said...

WHEW!! Girlie, you are one BRAVE mama! I SOOOOO enjoyed this post! You are so good at enjoying this time in your life...I laughed, I moved me Liz! It was truly an inspiration!
So fun seeing Heidi again, too, all grown up!
Call me soon if you get the time...I will be home all week except Wednesday!
I would rather wait for you to call me when it is good for you since you have so many little ones!

Jenni said...

So glad you guys got to go to Disney Land, I bet you had a blast and will have great memories! My boys were just a bit jealous that your boys got to meet Mater and McQueen, but they are just going to have to give it to the Lord ;) Missed you guys today, we've been a little under the weather here, recouping this weekend. See you next week!

Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth--Congrats to your Mom for showing up at Disneyland! Tell her Hi from Audrey. What a blessing--your family and spouse! So blessed to hear your wonderful life full of God and all the natural stuff of life.
I have been thinking alot about Donna Logsdon lately and wondering where she is in this big world. Since you were with Heidi, could you help me find her or how to get ahold of Heidi down here in So. Cal? Thank You. Hang in there girl, you're doing good! God bless. Audrey Ver Mulm (