Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Teachers Strike

So after another pretty harrowing back to school day today I flipped on King 5 news and got the bestest idea from all the teachers. I'm going on strike! I totally know what they're saying. It's overcrowded, there's not enough help or budget per child.....and heck, tantrums don't have to be only for the two year olds! But don't worry, it's only for this thursday. Hey, anyone know what the forecast is for thursday? I'm thinking about going to the beach.(Shout out to Owen for helping me hold the sign.)
In case you can't read it, it says "I want more sleep and...money n' stuff."

Sorry kids. Guess you'll have to make it up in June.

On a less sarcastic note:

Yesterday I glanced out the window at the most perfect scene. A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled Fear of man: The great Life Sucker. Anyway, you might want to read it to grasp the full beauty of the following picture but in short, it drew a parallel between the wayward branches "suckers" on my apple trees that were sucking energy from the tree, and the various things in our lives that do the same. One of the suckers I've pinpointed in my life is the general "Fear of Man"; that persistent struggle of desiring to be understood, not despised, etc. (I must say it's a relatively good read if it strikes a chord.)

So anyway yesterday (our first day of school) while reading about the Crusades to the kids and with high hopes of accomplishing that elusive "successful day" (in which I put little red Xs in all the little black boxes I've drawn next to all the many things I want to accomplish), I look over at Silas who is what....you've got to be kidding....back in his pajamas? I could've sworn I had him get fully groomed and dressed! Yes! Yes I did!

"Silas! Why are you back in your pajamas!?!?!"

"Because thliding down the sssthtairs is way fassthter and funner in my pajamas!"

I began to add "But Siiiilas, you're supposed to be dressed for the day! My mother's gonna get here and think I never dress you children" when I actually heard her knock at the door.

Now, of course, my dear beautiful mom is absolutely the last person who would judge me for something so trivial, but well, when a homeschool mom puts in all that time to plan lessons, get organized, buy fresh supplies, all gearing up for a smooth and fun first day of school, (all boxes checked!), she doesn't usually imagine her six year old stilll slothing around in his pajamas at 11:30 when Gramma arrives.

So leave it to Silas to rip those suckers limb from limb!
This photo just seems symbolic of so many things. Silas perched there in the top of the apple tree hanging on (and probably cracking) the sucker branches that I still had never tended to...big grin on his face...trying to get his hands on the juicy apples and STILL in his jammies. God using Silas, my sanctification kid...and managing to position him smack in the middle of my own analogy. Too perfect and too cute. Add to all that the fact that little now 2 yr. old Owen who as of this week has given me quite the run for my money in the race with Silas for the most stubborn kid award, had also escaped my notice and followed his big brother out in his diaper...looking sneakily towards the house to see if Mom is watching all this great action...

God has such a great sense of humor. I love it. I am way too hard on myself. Our first two days of school actually went beautifully if I measure it by God's standards instead of all the many other homeschool books on my shelves, authors and families I admire. Again, all good stuff, but if God wanted me to be doing everything exactly like them...then it would eliminate the need to listen intently for His voice and His leading. FAITH wouldn't be necessary if I had all the answers, tools, motivation, strength, etc...

...And without faith, it is impossible to please God...

Hebrews 11:6

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