Wednesday, June 4, 2008

He finally came out of the closet

Sorry. My English teachers taught me that it's essential to grab your audience with that first opening sentence.
But actually it's true. Owen my sweet turtley Turtle has come out of the closet, (my walk in closet that his crib has been in for his long 2 3/4 years of life). He's now in a big boy toddler bed sharing a room with Essie and they LOVE it because they are best buddies! They are looking to becoming the new "Bonnie & Clyde"(usurping Hannah & Eli for the title. I doubt these two will surpass the deeds of mischief and mayhem that their formers did though.)
My flying nun friend Marjie , (and also one of the kids' most beloved babysitters) has forever teased me about when Owen will "come out of the closet" :) He loves being in a big boy bed.
Out of one closet, and into another!

Oh, the lot of the seventh child. But look at that little grin....


Tiffany said...

Can Owen come and live with me? He is Oh My Gosh Adorable.

If he comes here I could probably find a place for him in the garage or pantry!

DotBlogger said...

To use YOUR words on my blog, I'm jealouser and jealouser of all your cute munchkins!

You and Tiffany both, actually. :)

Yay to be movin' on up in closet world.

Marjie said...

Oh, my little Turtle...I'm so happy to hear that he has been "upgraded" to the closet of his beloved Essie. I will miss seeing him peek out of his old closet window, while we hang out at the pool:) Now it will be the fiesty (but utterly sweet) Juliet peering out.

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