Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another one bites the dust

There was the scene of the crime...the deceased... (I had to dredge the bottom of the cup to retrieve it)
A prime suspect...
and a likely witness staunchly refusing to incriminate her... (with prior conviction of similar charges on his record might I add.)But other than that, the case had gone cold. The suspects had been bathed, the crime scene had long been contaminated... I guess some things we'll just never understand.

They're lucky they're so dang cute. That was a brand new camera. (sigh)


Tiffany said...

Oh no! I hope you bought it on a credit card. They will probably cover it.

I tried that once when I left my camera outside and it rained. But they wouldn't replace it. Said it was an act of God. What??? I left it out, not God!

Your kids are super adorable, but I doubt the credit card company could blame God for the "accident".

Marjie said...

oh no...maybe you'll just have to stick with disposable cameras:) Well, when Juliet and Owen grow up and wonder why there are no more pictures in their baby books (or maybe those are becoming obsolete and you should just have a blog for each kid...that way you don't have to worry about coffee being spilled on can remind them of their crime. Yes, "sin" does have it's consequences:)

Or maybe just install security cameras throughout your house and they can serve a two-fold purpose...catching "criminals" and capturing family memories:-)

Rachel L. Burke said...

I was tempted to blame my kid when I dropped my phone in my syrup drenched french toast. I came clean at the At&t store while replacing the sticky phone. You'll feel a lot better if you just come clean yourself. ;)