Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June day

~The Birthday Girl~
Miss Esther Grace turns five today
(pictured below at age 2)
The lyrics to a little song I wrote for Essie about my feelings of incredible joy for her and my immense gratefulness to the Lord for her life and health on this day five years ago...
June day
beautiful day
cause I'm on my way
to see you
June day
and the sun's risin higher in the sky
to see you too
I couldn't dream up this feelin
my heart's soarin up at the ceilin
oh day...
oh June day...
June day
beautiful day
never thought i'd say
"wishes come true"
Oh day...
my fear's gone away
in every single way
You came through
and I can't believe You're givin me more
I'm fallin down on my knees thanking You for
this day...
Oh june day...


Tiffany said...

Children are such inspiration. I can see how she inspired you to write such a precious poem:)I bet the time has flown by quickly. Bittersweet.

christa jean said...

My daughter Grace E. was peeking over my shoulder at your daughter E. Grace and she said:
"I'm older than her"
"Really, Grace, by half a year, which when your my age won't matter one hoo-ha." I said and continued with, "I don't go around to my friends saying I'm older than you and taller, neener neener." Ahhhh, the lessons we learn. I'm beginning to see where that comparing oneself to others begins. At the age of 5!

BTW, did your camera survive?

Marjie said...

Happy Birthday beautiful ESSIE!!!!! It's so hard to believe that she is five years old. I still remember the day she was born and how gracefully her mama handled the labor pains. That was certainly a wonderful June day!