Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Birthday MOM!!!

In all my blogging I always hope to convey that being a good mother has very little to do with our abilities and our own strength, and how instead, Christ's strength is made so perfect in our weaknesses. We only need to rest in His finished work on the cross and His ability to guide us and make us into the mothers we were created to be. My To Train Up a Mother title is sort of a little word play focusing on the lesser referred to receiving end of our sanctification in mothering, but is in reference to the actual God breathed Proverb that many of us have long been familiar with, to:

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. ~Prov. 22:6

Today, I want to acknowledge the immense blessing of the amazing Mother I am so blessed to call my own! Her name is Carolann and it's her 61st birthday today! We had a big bash for her 60th last year so the pictures of the cake and diamond mother's ring are from that. As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a mom and there's no missing the fact that it was because of the beautiful example I had. (Not saying I live up to that example folks... but that it's a lofty standard I am so blessed to have!)

As much as I love my wonderful life, my children, my amaaaazing husband, extended family, my home, etc... the greatest gift I have in this life is knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a gift that will last for eternity. It was the "way" that my mother trained me to go. It was my mother who diligently trained me up in the knowledge of Him, and I have no intention of departing from it that's for sure! She set aside selfish desires that so many women of her generation did not, and did her building in the things that will last! So far she it nineteen grandkids?!?! (and sheesh...we may just be gettin started! ;) Already such a legacy!

Not only do I have a heart full of memories and examples to follow as I set out to nurture my little ones, but I am getting to watch and learn from her as she continues her powerful impact in the lives of her six adult children. She has beautifully handled the delicate balance of letting us leave and cleave while still speaking into our lives, spurring us on in that "way we should go". I am also learning how to be one heck of a Gramma!

Thankyou Momma. You we say around here, "the bestist!"
I hope today is special and that you know you are so very loved, and so very appreciated--today and always.


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Jana said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother! She is so pretty and looks much younger than 61!

That cake is beautiful. Who made it?

Thanks for sharing your heart, Liz....and the truth of the scriptures in combination with life experiences and lessons. It is so refreshing!

Have a blessed day!