Monday, August 6, 2007

You won Nate, you won.

Yes, it's really happening. Liz Kirkman is swallowing her pride, antiblog sentiments and finally starting a blog. (You know I'm really uncomfortable when I talk in third person). I've resisted the... (I'll call it temptation,) for all these years because I feared a blog of mine would end up like my portrait of a coffee mug in 6th grade art class. It was great at first, until I kept "tweaking" it to death and it took over my whole life. Just a little more shading here, a little more color over there... and well, honestly for me to get distracted in anything these days could mean life or death around here. And while I am given to a bit of a dramatic flare, I'm really not joking when I use the word death. The other night while I was actually paying attention, my 5 year old son got a hold of his father's medicine bottle and made soup out of the colorful little capsules. And I confess that yesterday even as I set up my blog, telling myself it would not be a distraction, Silas (yes, the same naughty 5 yr. old) committed and even narrated his crime while standing right next to me.
"So hey, Mom...lookit my inwedibles mask that I am making."
"Cool Si...uh-huh..." (staring at the computer screen and pretending to listen)...
"I make really cool thtuff, huh Mom."
"Yeah Si. You're so creative..." (blank stare)...

Well... the cool "incwedibles" mask was his father's nice black Alfani beanie hat that I had given him for Christmas...only now, of course, it was serving as Silas' superhero mask and now had freshly cut eye and nose holes.

And, as I type there is a loud crashing sound in the bathroom, and my 2yr. old (Owen) is yelling "Oh! Uh-oh I did!!!" and laughing in such a loud, wicked way, that I am about 94% convinced there is poop involved. I guess that'll have to do it for my first attempted blog.......


Jenni said...

Liz, I'm so excited you are blogging! We've been blogging for about 5 years and love to look back and see where the Lord has brought us in these short years. Thanks for googling us! It was so fun to read your comment on my post, we were in Orting for my sister's wedding reception this weekend, that's why we missed church. See you next week, blessings!

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