Friday, August 31, 2007

Silas Rocks his big day

My son Silas is that personality type that is very vulnerable to advertising. He's been drooling over the Red Lobster commercials for years now. I was not up for a party so for his big 6 yr. birthday last night Daddy and I took him out on a hot date. Oh's just as I always feared... he is a very hot date. If you're noticing that the Queen song doesn't seem to fit with the large homeschooling family stereotype well... I guess that's the point here. But it is Silas' favorite song and althought he doesn't know any of the words in it, he still sings it with such passion and conviction ("banno waddo mud on yer face....big displace...") ...that I had to post it. He first heard it at the barber shop and he always starts singing it while he's "slickin up" his hair. (Actually, I think he hears it playing in his head all the time.)
Now lest you be thinking this is an ornery face, it is his cool picture face. There's no ornery about it. He's just workin the suit. Yeah, we didn't expecte him to put it on either, but he came downstairs all slick and ready to party.
While we waited for our table and Daddy was getting Starbucks we had great fun...
" Wow.... are we gonna eat those Mom?"
No Silas...don't even think about it Silas. Silas...take that look off your face...

Silas!!!!!!! Put that down!!!

"danno wanno waaaa da big displace....ya got mud on yer face..." (Now... I know it was playing in his head while he was posing for this photo.)

Here he is posing like Nacho he said...

Decisions decisions...

Oh he can hardly wait...
Silas and I shared the Ultimate feast. Thankyou Sugar Daddy. I figure...we mothers did the work of all the pushin...we kinda deserve lobster too....?I think by the looks of it, Daddy is totalling the bill in his head....(Cha-ching $$$)These are "Turtle Dollars" that Silas has been earning for quite sometime. He's been working towards earning them to buy a real pet turtle. Now he's gonna cash in!

On the eve of his birthday Silas got to spend the night at Gramma's house!

According to Gramma, they were shopping in Trader Joe's when he spotted some flowers and said

"Hey Gerbera Daisies are one of my Mom's favorite flowers! Can I get em for her?!"
Although these passionate personality types tend to be the ones who cause us the most grief...their love is just as passionate!
Aren't they beautiful?Gramma & Papa Tim took us to BIG SCOOP!Now that there picture on the sign is just about as nostalgic as it gets for me. As a kid, that sign represented heaven.Fun!!! This is the BEFORE picture...This is during the process...AFTER...uhhh.....BURP!
How cute are they? Did they just out cute Owen?Essie's cleaning up after Gramma & PapaIt was a secial day alright!
And Happy Birthday to Pop-a-Wheely!!!My Dad (Papa Wheely) had his birthday the day before Silas and it was very nice to visit with Papa! Uncle Ronnie came too! He was saying that it was so quiet the kids seemed like the Flanders. That's why we're so thankful for our Silas and were happy to have him home!

Happy Birthday Silas--you rock.
Please Pray...
My nephew Nick suffered some sort of spinal cord injury tonight during his football game. He has little movement in his right arm and is being taken to **********Hospital in Seattle. They think it is a blood clot on the spine so please pray for him and his family. ~Thankyou


Jenni said...

I love the special birthday idea, that will be great when the kids get a little older (and makes it a little more affordable right :) Bless you guys, love the pictures of the kiddos! And you are gorgeous as always Liz!

Jeffry & Amy said...

happy birthday silas!

Marjie said...

Oh, Silas...Happy Birthday!!! What a handsome boy, all decked out in his suit! I feel so lucky since I got to have a date with him awhile back...well him and McDonalds:)He makes for a great date, never a dull conversation!

Amy said...

Yes...keep it coming...I am delighting in all the stories and wonderful pictures! You always were a great story teller! My only question to you is, when on earth do you have time to do all this? Or, is this perhaps your well deserved, leave me alone, mother of 7 "Down Time?"


Anonymous said...

Oh, Liz,
LOVED both of the last entries! That one of Silas.....absolutely PRECIOUS!!!! What a great kid...all the color and life he brings to your family!!
Your blog about seeking after the things that really matter was SO TRUE and connot be reiterated enough! After 16 years of mothering, I still struggle with the very feelings you had that morning! It really is a daily discipline of aligning ourselves with God's plan for the day...that's why our prayer time is so important each morning.
Thank you so much for sharing!
Wife to One
Mom to Eight

jana said...


Silas is ADORABLE!!!! I can't believe we have little boys who are so close in age and who are both such hams! Timmy just turned 6 on September 1st..and he is chalk full of personality like Silas obviously is. LOVE the suit! What a handsome guy.
I am really hoping to get together with you guys. when is your trip? We are taking a short trip to Las Vegas for Rich's Dad's wedding in early November. So, maybe after that we can get together for lunch or something.
I'll talk to you soon!