Monday, August 20, 2007

Juliet's first food

Hi Momma!
(don't you love that deer in the headlights look!)
I didn't...
know you were there?

I'm just sitting here...
not doin anything naughty!

Except this stuff...
(smack, smack, smack)...

Oh. this not the same
stuff I've seen everybody
(guilty face)

Yeap. So Drooliet's first food was buttermilk. in Burt's Bees Buttermilk Soap. And I should probably mention that she consumed over half the paper wrapper too.

(See Nate...I knew evil things would happen while I blogged...)

But hey, technically Burt's Bees are all natural products! I just hope the ingredients in that soap really were non-toxic cause there's no wrapper to read! ha! They've eaten much worse things.

Congratulations Juliet. You're a real kid now!


Rose said...

Toooooooo cute Liz!
Can't handle it!!!

Auntie Rose

Liz & Brian said...

Sara Lopez~
Hi! Blogger emailed me your comment to this post right before I accidentally deleted it while editing the picture captions.

I went to your blog but didn't see a place for comments or an email address so I don't know how to contact you back. Sorry! Hopefully you might see this and email me back. Thankyou!!!

In Christ,

mrs. kleiner said...

I love your blog dear Liz. I can't wait to hear and see more of your precious life. I miss you...and yes I saw you on the 11 o'clock news and almost jumped out of bed yelling at Joe! So amazing.

Jeffry & Amy said...

ilove the turtle videos! so cute! all the kids on the day bed cracks me up. I like the gate idea so they all stay put right???? lol.

Anonymous said...


I can't stop reading this blog. Your insight and your beautiful kids are rocking me to my core. Keep bringin' it!! I hope to get to see you all again soon!!