Friday, August 24, 2007

High Culture here at the Kirkman's

Their eyes...are number one...their muscles...are number one...
Okay...I confess I've let them watch Nacho Libre. But um...there is some great culture and a pretty good message involved. That'll probably be the extent of their Jack Black experience though... You have to admit, they are pretty studly little Luchadores, eh?

Because of a few health flare ups lately (and some kids who need to take better care of their rooms and not take advantage of Mom's fewer trips up both flights of stairs), I decided to move the boys down from their attic room into the girls' room for a bit. Hopefully I can oversee the the clothes, beds, laundry situation this way until they earn back their rooms. This is Gemma reading Sacajawea to them while I touched up the paint. Some punishment. They're back with Wendy!For those of you who don't know us personally, allow me to introduce you to our turtle named Owen (almost 2).

No matter what he does...he reminds me of the cutest turtle in the world and folks, we now know that turtles continue to smile even underwater!

We call this "Extreme Bathing"

Turtle's gettin alllll dry!

Juliet is almost seven months old now. She is so amazing and sweet. She has just started trying some mushed avacados and bananas, speed crawling and opera singing.

Being a little bit shy for the camera... We done yet Momma?
Yesterday morning I'm getting ready and Essie (4) says

"Moooom, you betta take a look ova here at me and da beebee. You're not gonna belief what I'm decidin to do all by myself!" (looks like Juliet's the one in disbelief!!!)

Hey I got two delightful emails from some ladies I would LOVE to contact --Alecia and Sara thanks for your visits! I'd love to contact you but need your emails!

I hope y'all enjoyed the pics and videos. (I sure as heck did.) I can't tell you how many incredible videos of the underwater turtle that I had to unfortunately delete due to unsuitable content ;) He just kept taking it up a notch. And ladies...on these hot evenings while bathing your younguns, (if you must), bathe them that is... DO eat chocolate, and DO keep the camera handy. It transforms the experience.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sun while it's out! ( could you possibly not have a good day after listening to the Nacho Libre soundtrack. It's a thing of beauty I tell ya....


Christina said...

Your right, They loved it.. Ahhh, little Owen.. Juliet is getting so big. Love ya guys...

Jenni said...

Too fun! My kids absolutely love the videos! :) Guenna keeps saying, "'gin!" Thanks for the comments, we will see you on Sunday, can't wait!

Marjie said...

Oh, love it!!! So funny...and the nacho libre soundtrack just puts it over the top.